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I’m no longer sure if I’m ahead or behind the time. Who knows, I might be on time for all we know!
Anyway…the reason I’m not blogging so much on this/my site these days is that I’ve discovered INSTAGRAM!
I realise instagram is a very different beast, however, I find it quicker and easier to add a quick post ‘on the run’ using my mobile phone.
I’m not going to abandon this site. I would never do that. I’m just saying that if you want to find me, and leave comments, you’ll probably have a better chance of finding me here:





summer must be over!

AHHH! Summer must be over. We’re starting to throw our fans out into the “NATURE” strip!!

Love seeing this…

This is what we need to see more of. Electronic REPAIR shops!! There is a whole future here for so many. How about we set up an apprenticeship scheme for electronic repairs. Could be a very cool job. Get to use your brain and tinker with tools all day.

So why don’t we see more electronic repair shops? Well thats easy. Two reasons:

1. Manufacturers don’t make products to last

2. see 1 above

So what do we do…we throw it out at the first sign of malfunction. Very little we can do about it. SAD !!!
Electronics and techno goods could be like cars. Sell the product, then make the money on the repairs and servicing. So tell me…am I missing something here?

Buy the way, some councils have dedicated e-waste* collection days. So please, call your council before sticking your old TV out on the ‘NATURE’ strip. That is of course assuming it can’t be repaired.

*e-waste means – ELECTRONIC WASTE

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mcdonalds – short lived happiness

Yes, I visited a Mcdonalds restaurant the other day.

This time however I noticed from a distance that they had labeled one of their bins. I was so happy.  At last I thought,  Mcdonalds were going to attempt waste separation, something they have remarkedly never attempted in the past. BUT my happiness was short lived…

The signage on the bin had nothing whatsoever to do with waste separation. The message related to the parking machine installed in the car park and was informing patrons not to ‘BIN’ their parking tickets.

Oh, Mcdonalds… When are you going to realise that you have an opportunity, or could I say a responsibility, to educate the public about waste separation in your restaurants as they throw away their waste.

Todays school children

It is possible, even likely, that today’s kindergarten and primary school children will be the first generation ever to start questioning the non sustainable way we live – Let’s hope so.

fluorescent tubes

It’s not a good idea to put your old fluorescent tubes in the bin (any bin). Fluoro tubes need to be carefully recycled as they contain poisons, that if buried in landfill, will leach into the ground. Also the poisons are worth good money, mercury for example.
So why do i come across an image like the one above a little too often:

Is it either:
A: Some people may not  realise that fluorescent tubes can’t go in the bin

B: Some may not know how to find out about fluorescent tubes

C: Some people may not care

One things for sure: What ever you stick in your bin will just miraculously disappear. Yep, I’ve said it a million times: It’s still way too easy to just ‘get rid’ of stuff. Too easy to pass the responsibility to someone else.

Here’s a starting point if you need to know anything about fluorescent tube recycling      



Eventually there will come a time when we realise that there are more important things to worry about than religion.
Clean drinking water, fresh air, food, oil etc etc.

separation no more??

Here we have public place waste bins on a busy beach strip in Melbourne.
The bins are three meters apart, they are both identical, both very expensively manufactured, look quite new and what’s even more disturbing, they both call themselves ‘RUBBISH’ bins.

There is no way we can have any separation of waste using this system.
Either the council feels that everything that goes into these bins can be recycled or nothing that goes into these bins can be recycled.
I thought we had spent years establishing public place bin systems to encourage waste separation??
Have we given up?? What on earth is going on here??
I’d bet a gold plated wheelie bin that everything that goes into these two identical bins will end up in landfill.
Should anyone beg to differ I would certainly like to hear from them.

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plastic corn

At the ‘green’ grocer across the road from my friends shop the ONLY way you can buy corn is wrapped in plastic shrink wrap. When I ask for corn that is not wrapped in plastic, they act towards me as if I am some sort of painful customer. They just don’t get it…or don’t want to get it…or do get it but can’t be bothered…or do get it but just don’t care…
Why is the corn wrapped in plastic (usually in bundles of three)? For who’s benefit? Is it the grocer responding to the customers requests, or is it an initiative of the grocer who thinks that they are providing a service that will be appreciated by the customers? Bla Bla Bla…don’t get me started on ‘green’ grocers.
Next time you visit the ‘green’ grocer just watch and see how wasteful they can be. Just watch and see how much plastic leaves the store. Green grocers could be a lot ‘greener’.

cup day holiday

This photo was taken cup eve. Bins waiting to be emptied on cup day morning. Yes…the ‘garbos’ worked on cup day while we were all having a relaxing day off!

Just imagine for a moment if the ‘garbos’ didn’t pick up the bins for a day, a week, a fortnight or even a month. Our city would crumble under the weight of rotting trash. Oh it’s a fragile world we live in!!