About us

Wasteman is a sort of accidental super hero. He hails from a planet called planet Wastron, and has come to earth to see if he can knock some sense into the ever growing population of human consumers.
If you like consuming that’s ok. We all consume!

The idea however, is to give thought (no matter how big or small) to our consumption.
You see, planet Wastron exists 33.5 years ahead of Earth, so it stands to reason, I’ve seen the future – and on Wastron, it wasn’t particularly pretty.
We’re caught in a consumption Tsunami. Unfortunately, for reasons that hopefully will become more apparent, we are consuming at a rate that is unsustainable. If we are not careful we run the real risk of running out of stuff to make stuff. But we all like stuff – or do we?
I’m only a tiny little guy. In fact I’m atomic. You can’t actually see me with the naked human eye, but don’t worry, I’m here!  I’m everywhere…but most importantly, I’m trying to get inside your head and give you a little tap on your brain. I’ll do this, of course, in the nicest and most subtle way possible.
So the next time you leave a room and say to yourself, “perhaps I should go back and turn off the light”, that’s me talking!! The next time you “um and ahh” over whether or not to purchase the plastic wrapped carrots, again, that’s me talking.
I’m here to help by getting inside your head, who knows what I’ll find there, but it’s definitely worth a try. If we don’t start thinking about our consumption, we will eventually run out of stuff. Good grief…let’s not go there!
over and over