Worm farms in schools

What we do:

We build worm farms in schools (see video below!!)

We turn food waste into plant food.

We provide the infrastructure, tools and support to ensure that the system can easily be operated by the students on an ongoing basis.

Basically, we provide a total organic waste management system for your school.

Why we do it

There are dozens of reasons as to why we do it…here are the main ones…

  • Children need to learn that food waste is not “rubbish”. It is a valuable resource that can be used to make plant food for our gardens.food waste
  • Recycling organic matter (food waste and plant cuttings) is a process that can be done on site. Children get to participate in a complete recycling process.
  • Worm farming gives children an understanding of the cyclic nature of living systems.
  • Worm farming and composting provides real hands on learning across many areas of the curriculum.
  • Sustainable agriculture is fast becoming an area of great interest.
  • While many schools appear to understand the process of growing plants they tend to have a limited understanding of composting and soil management.
  • It’s fun!